Voluntary Service in Edmonton

Mennonite Voluntary Service began in the United States in 1944 and in Canada in 1966 as a mission project. Holyrood Mennonite Church has sponsored the Mennonite Voluntary Service Adventure program in Edmonton since 2010, enabling young individuals to bring unique skills, feelings and motivations to perform full-time volunteer work of a charitable nature. The Holyrood congregation provides for the basic needs of each volunteer: housing, food, transportation, medical coverage, and stipend. Other participating churches in Canada are in Lethbridge, Alberta, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

MVS Mission Statement:

Providing opportunities to act on faith by assisting congregations in service to their communities.

MVS Program Objectives are:

  • To provide a framework for discerning God’s purpose in participants’ lives.
  • To help participants come to a clearer understanding of what Christian faith and a relationship with Jesus means to them.
  • To support participants as they mature in their ability to communicate the good news of the kingdom of God.
  • To introduce participants to the notion of missions as a lifestyle.
  • To expose participants to the many challenges and benefits of living simply.
  • To foster a vision for missions.