Music at Holyrood

We value the diversity in our congregation. Our music teams take turns leading our singing on Sunday mornings. We sing traditional Mennonite hymns, accompanied by piano or by organ; we have an African music team, which sings African choruses, and is accompanied by djembe drum and sa-sa (a sa-sa is a gourd covered by a net of beads); and we sing contemporary Christian songs, accompanied by guitar and flute.

Will You Let Me Be Your Servant

Will You Let Me Be Your Servant Worship Music, May 11, 2021 Irene Buttrey, piano and voice

Blewu (Gently) Song For Ike, Memorial of Millie, January 8, 2022.  Patrick Kukanu: voice with Robert Kitchener, call and response,  Robert Kitchener: flute, Suzanne Gross: guitar.

Fellowship Service, February 13, 2022. Lisa, Celina, Jael and Naemi: voice; Gizzie Arku: drums; Naemi: piano; Josh: shaker.